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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rocketpoll is now LaunchAudio!

Rocketpoll.com is now LaunchAudio.com, and offers a new array of services for musicians and listeners alike. The site can still be accessed using the rocketpoll.com address, but can now also be accessed using launchaudio.com, jazzlaunch.com, rocklaunch.com, and blueslaunch.com! The site now offers dedicated pages for jazz, rock and blues.

Also new is the "listeners" feature which allows fans to register, create charts based on their ratings of songs, and make friends with artists and other listeners as well.

Another new feature is the "artists" pages that are created for each artist automatically. These pages list all the songs posted by the artists in a chart according to each song's rating!

New changes, new excitement! Check it out on LaunchAudio.com.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lawton's "Mind's Eye" opens free jazz vision

Vern Lawton, drummer exraordinaire, has opened his "Minds Eye" on Rocketpoll, exposing a lush view to a liquid free jazz exposition. Lawton plays all instruments on the song, which includes a fretless bass, a beautifully fluid flanged guitar, but mostly Lawton's infectious drumming. Minds Eye is worth a peek! Check it out on Rocketpoll.